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Normally we supply your cupcakes in plain white boxes with the inserts specially designed to keep the cupcakes safe. Since the minimum order is 12 cupcakes, the supplied boxes are for 12 cupcakes. They are just to protect your cupcakes in transit. These boxes are cost free and included in your order.

However, even the minimum order of 12 cupcakes could be supplied in two cupcake boxes with 6 cupcakes in each, three cupcake boxes with four cupcakes in each, 6 cupcake boxes with 2 cupcakes in each and, finally, each cupcake can be individually boxed.

You can choose from boxes of various colours and designs.

Large orders can be supplied in 24 cupcake white plain boxes with the inserts or in smaller boxes as described above.

For special events the packaging could be as important as the taste and the design of your cupcakes. We can source the packaging to match your expectations for a birthday or wedding, a Christening party or a gift, and so on. Additionally, we can decorate the boxes with ribbons and other decorations.

Please have a look at the photos of some of the boxes you can choose from. If you do not see the one you would like among them, please do let us know what design you would like to have.

Please let us know if you have any special requirements about the packaging while ordering.

Please note that only the white plain 12 cupcake boxes are free and included in the price of the order.

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